Wednesday, 6 October 2010

BIOM2005 Cell culture series

BIOM2005 / BIOM2905

Cell and tissue handling techniques Lectures Series


· Sterilisation methods and aseptic technique

· Media requirements

· Culture and maintenance

· Passage of cells

· Application of cell culture

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the series you should be able to answer questions on:

· How to buy and maintain cells in a sterile environment.

· How to freeze and thaw cells

· List some real examples of applications

· Discuss primary cells, immortal lines and co-culture

· Think about some problems that will cause strange results

· Be able to understand the terminology of a simple cell culture protocol

· What are the limitations of non-human cells such as hepa 1c1c7 cells

Learning method

The lecture series will be a blended mix based on media clips; these can be found on my blog , and directed comments from Dr Basten. During the lecture we will then pause the clips and discuss what we see and have time to write down the key points.

Answering the exam questions

The best advice is to try to answer the learning outcomes by listing bullet points and then expanding to half A4 of writing and half drawings, then check this against the clips and comments made in the lecture.

ECCAC Tutorial

Watch the ScreenR ECCAC Cast. Have a go yourself and then answer the following:

1. What organs are HepG2 and Caco2 cells from and why would this be important in metabolic studies?

Still not sure about something?

1. Ask your friends, watch the clips again and make notes. Try to answer the learning outcome questions. I will be happy to read any material you produce just e-mail me your work directly.

2. Don’t be tempted to hit Wikipedia and the internet. There is an enormous amount of material on cell culture available; to streamline the learning the clips and comments have been specifically chosen.

3. Please attend the tutorial and then finally do contact Dr Basten to discuss any problems you are still having about issues you don’t understand.


Please do let me know if you have enjoyed this learning style or indeed how this can be improved.

Learning styles

The blended mix of this written anchor of learning outcomes, video clips of the basics, and research papers should be accessible to different learning styles. This PowerPoint free method won’t therefore come with any formal lecture notes as the clips can be re-visited. I am happy to liaise with note takers or if you have any dyslexic requirements.