Friday, 6 May 2011

Did you know...

Musing about contributions to a University UK event entitled "did you know?"

Serum is a Latin word for whey, as in curds and whey from clotted milk. Hence, serum is the liquid component of clotted blood.

Your red blood cells can live in your body for 120 days

Folic acid, found in leafy vegetables, is named after the word foliage (leaf)

DMU has been awarded a Royal Society Partnership grant

Folic acid can help protect against against heart disease and cancer

Just like children, insects do not like the bitter taste in green vegetables and they act as natural pesticides.

The bitter taste in green vegetables is actually good for you. However, children have a sensitive palette which is why they don't like them. During adolescence this sensitivity is lost and you'll start to love Brussels Sprouts!