Tuesday, 21 July 2009

So…why tweet? Why a blog? And finally why isothiocyanates?

I wanted a quick and generic way to communicate with all my students.

The aim is to add value to Blackboard:

  • Follow me on twitter and via my blog which will notify students of new announcements on blackboard shells. These announcements will have details about room changes, grades published etc.
  • The blog will also contain non-module specific entries and links, but when needed have links to specific shells on Blackboard
  • The blog will also be a source of additional reading, chapters to read prior to lectures, other links and research ideas and projects.

So, why isothiocyanates?

Isothiocyanates are the bitter taste in green vegetables like Brussels sprouts. Some people think they may help reduce the risk of cancer. I did my PhD on these little characters so I owe a lot to them!